You will find below some IP Chum FAQ’S that popup most commonly around use of the software.If we have missed anything here then simply send us an email at the following address:
Will IP Chum work on all versions of windows?
Yes, including windows 10.
Will I have to pay a monthly subscription?
No.It’s a one time payment lifetime licence!
How does the software work?
The software will scan  multiple sources for IP’S/Public proxies and harvest hese, then test each individually to see if they are working at he time of being found.Then if they pass this test they will be stored and shown in the display table.It will match up the best proxies to the specofic websites you have input as all proxies dont work well for every site so its important to check the proxy against a given site.
What browsers are compatible withthe software?
Most popular browsers, Firefox, Chrome & IE.
Are all the proxies created equal ?
No, public proxies and their privacy levels come in different shapes, from transparent to elite.IP Chum will try to ensure only the most anonymous proxies are used and stored in the display table.
Will I be able to use it on my phone?
No, it’s for computer devices only.
Is it easy to use?
Yes, super easy! Just input a website you want to surf and press scan & the software will do it’s magic and find your IP’S to use and hide behind.Then just choose an IP from the list and click hide!
 Can I use my own proxies I find myself ?
Yes, you can input any proxies you wish.
Can I install it on more than 1 device ?
Yes, but you would need to buy more than 1 licence key! But at such a low price this is easily affordable.We can transfer any existing key to another PC if you wish.
How will I know my own IP address?
The software will display this for you.
If you have any questions contact us at  support!